Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Evidently, like J has told me on a number of occasions, Gracie wants to be born in summer. We are at the hospital, and Dr. Seale said that she will probably come sooner than later.

J has been having headache issues, and last friday she told me we needed to go to the emergency room, because, she had been feeling pretty sick over the last few weeks and Darla (the OBGYN's nurse) told her if it didn't improve to come to the emergency room. So that is where we ended up.

She had high blood pressure, but they were able to get it back down to normal/acceptable.
We came home and things seemed to go back to "normal."
Well, tuesday/today comes along and J decided to go visit Dr. Seale a day prior to her actual appointment, because her headaches hadn't subsided. They take her blood pressure and it shows 180/110, when the nurse sees that her eyes widen and when she tells the Dr., he decides to have her stay the night in labor and delivery. They found protein in a certain liquid discharge common to all members of the human race and most forms of life. The significance of the protein when found in said liquid is, when found in pregnant women, can mean they have toxemia. Meaning potential harm to the baby.

So, I'm here in Mckay, sitting next to my beautifully pregnant, tired wife watching Rocky Balboa and updating the blog. Dr. Seale will let us know tomorrow if he feels the baby will be here soon. J has learned a valuable lesson learned in the last Rocky movie: "Life isn't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." J moves forward everyday. Her faith, determination and stubborness are somewhat intimidating, inspirational, and enigmatic. I am not as familiar with staring into the gaping mouth of fear and grinning.

We're anxious to see our daughter, but we don't want to make any visits to the NICU.

We're grateful for Dr. Seale and the tremendous care he has provided to our family.

I will update when more information is available.

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