Thursday, October 9, 2008


has reared its frame in all its glorious shades. Its broad, subtle arms brushing the native verdure, erasing all vestiges of summer with its brilliant palette of golds, reds, and yellows.

Mr. Frost has also made brief, recent appearances in the peaks of our proximate towering mountain ranges. He mocks us with his hushed, almost veiled contact; yet with his premature snowfall he reminds Utah natives how he will, in short order, be peevishly ushering in his harsh, wintry landscape.

Amidst all of these grand botanical and climatical metamorphises, Gracie's life has grown by epic proportions; at least physically and in relation to her initial petitness. She's nearly doubled in size from her original weight, and experienced seemingly cursory degrees of change in her face and mode of interaction with J and I.

She's beautiful and, as I mentioned before, she has completely hijacked my life in ways I never knew possible, providing me with degrees of gratitude and euphoria previously unknown by me.

J has performed admirably.

Personally, my revelations typically are a paradox of hindsight epiphanies, but I must admit I was accurate in my preconception that J would be a tremendous mother and I revel in the celestial reality that she is my wife and mother to Gracie.

She experienced infections from the pregnancy, initially stunting her improvement; however, she is finally, after 3 different antibiotics, returning to her prior form.

Through all of this shambled prose, I can say, I'm infinitely grateful and have realized endless blessings through it all.