Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rare Public Anthem...

A few buddies from high school and I have begun writing some songs and formed a band called: Rare Public Anthem. Yesterday, with the kind approbation of my wife, I was able to go and record a bass line for our 1st song: NObama. Yes, it's political, but all band members feel strongly about our reason for opposing Mr. Obama, and why we don't want him to be the next U.S. president.

I realize how polarizing politics can be, but feel it important to record and share this song with as many people as possible. We have a facebook page; check us out.


J and Gracie are doing well. Gracie keeps improving. They are continuously increasing her food intake and reducing the amount of cords and tubes connected to her tiny frame.

It has been a rough week. Things have moved quite rapidly and my time with family is drawing to a close as I will be returning to work next wednesday.

I don't feel I should log out without mentioning again, the gratitude J and I have for the love and support from family. We are also infinitely grateful to the medical staff who has watched over our dear, Gracie May. The love they demonstrate to a daughter that is not their blood is overwhelming, and often, inexplicable. May God always bless them and their tender hands that clean, cradle, and care for our beautiful, tiny daughter. Thank you all!

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