Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home again!

Initially, we were told J would need to stay at the hospital over the weekend, but this morning, Dr. Seale told her it was her choice: stay at the hospital, or go home on strict bed rest.

J chose home. I'm glad to have her back. The hospital, though great when needed, is not the most comfortable, welcoming place to be. Regardless of any mundane positives of having her home I'm just glad to see her face light, because she's home. Her smile saves me everyday.

We are anticipating a delivery in the next 2 weeks; at the longest. Gracie is 4 lbs right now, and we just want her to grow a little more before we turn off the oven and take her out.

Pappy (J's father) said she is going to be feisty, like his daughter.

When J was little (as told by her parents) she LOVED to climb out of her crib and feel freedom; so much, her parents decided to remove her doorknob in a futile attempt to keep her inside. Well, the true "always on the move," person that J is, she wasn't going to be told she couldn't get out of her room. She somehow figured out how to get the door open with a butter knife. Her dad says one day while checking on her to verify she was in her crib, he decided to look through the key hole, and there, on the other side of the keyhole, was a big, beautifully blue eye staring back at him.

Babe, you need to stay down! We aren't making anymore overnight stays at Mckay until Gracie is ready!

I love you!

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Melissa, Benton, and Roxy said...

I'm glad she's home and feeling somewhat better. I can't believe Gracie will be here in two weeks or so, how exciting! You guys will be great parents.