Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sometimes one wonders: What is God thinking?

During those dark, bitter trials I tend to feel so abandonded, so alone. It's selfish, I know. Especially when we can see the end of the tunnel; the bright light of understanding floods our senses and we realize what God is doing. He is shaping us, He is building us into beings which will one day be worthy to be in His presence.
How grateful I am for these "tough... tutoring trial(s)."

His answers to my prayers are much more meaningful than anything I could have come up with.

Puzzles and epiphanies.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today I woke up with a pit of emptiness, and torture in my stomach.
I immediately thought of you.
You are constantly on my mind; your well-being, your happiness,
your joy.

Your smile and your hope inspire.

I am feeling better today, I have made some necessary adjustments, and talked to a very intelligent, helpful Doctor. Things will continue to improve.

I don't know what I can say about you, J.
You have changed my life in so many ways.
Your altruistic nature is completely moving.
I can't imagine the amount of rewards waiting for you in heaven.

I love you, J.
With all the Love I possess. Thank you.


P.S. your pictures are beautiful and do not fully captivate
who, and what you are. You are my sunshine, love.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Someone very close to me

mentioned they would like me to keep a journal. "It's important."
Well, maybe this will be my feeble attempt.
Maybe it's going to be for myself.
Maybe my posterity will appreciate it; that is, if Al Gore
doesn't invent something to replace his "internet" idea.