Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm not the most proficient blogger. Nor am I very consistent in keeping a journal (the most consistent I ever have been writing in a journal was on my mission).

My dad has started blogging recently and so I sent him a link to mine. His response to my link was "thanks D____; I actually visited your blog one day while mom and I were out of town, you
hav(e)n't updated since November."

Due to his unintended chastisement, I have decided to update.

J and I are married. We're pregnant and we're expecting October 3rd.

The pregnancy has had its moments. J has had some not-so-exciting experiences: an overnight stay in the hospital, 3 hours in the insta-care stuck to an IV, and many days "basking" in the glorious presence of the toilet.

Oh how I love and admire my wife.

I am still working at AFFCU and am currently working in the mortgage department.

I drew a picture for my brother-in-law and have had the desire to keep drawing/painting.

I am digging on a new band named Fleet Foxes.

I am trying to learn Hebrew and Greek and any help/suggestions are most welcome.

I am trying to prepare to be a good dad for our soon-to-be daughter. J will be the best mother.

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